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Promise End of Life Products

End of Service Life (EOSL)

Promise EOSL Information, indicates that all support, including both standard and extended, will no longer be offered by Promise. Promise EOSL, means that the specific products have reached the end of its useful lifespan and Promise is no longer to provide support including hardware, software, bug fix and security patches. Promise will recommend doing the product refresh to the latest generation of Promise products.

This EOSL page displays the service life of Promise products. Our commitment ensures a minimum service life of 5 years from the last distribution of the product for sale, with the exception of technologically-obsolete products. Nevertheless, if there are no restrictions imposed by the operating system and hardware, we may offer sustained drivers. Drivers and the Utility are backwards compatible.

Please contact us to further assist with replacement parts for products and services.

Product Model
Pegasus Pegasus 1 R4/R6/R8
Pegasus Pegasus2 R4/R6/R8/M4/R2+
Pegasus Pegasus3 R4/R6/R8
Pegasus Pegasus3 PC Edition R4/R6/R8
Pegasus J2/J4
FastTrak All Models
FileCruiser All Models
SANLink SANLink1 Series
SANLink SANLink2 Series
SmartStor NS-Series/DAS/Zero
SuperSwap All Models
SuperTrak All Models
Ultra Trak All Models
Vess RAID/JBOD 1000-Series
Vess RAID/JBOD R2000/J2000 Series
Vess A Series A2200/A2600 Series
Vess A Series A4600/A4800
VTrak Ex10/Jx10 Series
VTrak M-Series
VTrak Ex30/Jx30 Series
VTrak A Series
VTrak G Series
VTrak S Series
VSKY All Models
Atlas All Models
Apollo All Models

*If the product is still under validated extended warranty, Promise will provide hardware repair or replacement service.