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PROMISE Technology Introduces the First Compact Video Surveillance Storage Vess A8000 Series for Reliable, Remote Security Surveillance

April 23, 2020 By BlueAlly

TAIWAN, April 23, 2020 – After almost a decade of establishing a presence in the video surveillance business, internationally recognized leader of storage solutions Promise Technology, Inc. rolled out its first two-bays video surveillance solution this week: The Vess A8000 Series, providing a comprehensive and fully integrated security solution in a compact package.

Adding to the PROMISE's surveillance portfolio, the latest installment in the line-up is designed for both private and commercial use. Using Promise Technology's proprietary SMARTBOOST® technology, the Vess A8000 Series can record and support retention more than 30 days with higher capacity hard disk drives. In addition, this first-in-time compact storage device is equipped with remote data retrieval and operation which will advance the flexibility of data management.

Elegant and compact design are the highlights of the Vess A8000 Series, as it enables the fitting to limited space, such as for ATMs, luxury retail stores, and safe room at SMB offices. The series also comes with the proven Promise Raid Protection that runs on x86 platform for two-bays Network Video Recorder (NVR). In addition to the presence of SMARTBOOST®, the series is integrated with well-known VMS (Video Management Software) for the optimized performance.

"Vess A8000 Series is designed to provide peace of mind by providing a reliable system for monitoring and playback regardless of network size. Through patented technology, we reduce the risk of data loss to ensure property and individuals remain protected," said Alice Chang, Chief Sales Officer at Promise Technology.

Chang added, "The COVID-19 situation poses many new challenges on how to manage large volumes of unstructured data. With remote management interface, the Vess A8000 Series ensures the ease of mind in the current outbreak. We centralize the delivery of video data analysis in real-time to provide accurate analysis without delay, regardless of where the operator is located."

PROMISE Technology will offer two models of Vess A8000 Series: Vess A8020 and Vess A8021, which will be available in different regions. While the Vess A8020 will be on the market in Europe and North America, the Vess A8021 will be on shelves in other regions including Japan, APAC, and Middle East through PROMISE channel networks.