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Promise Technology Adds Additional Functionality to its Apollo Cloud 2 Duo, Making it the Most Versatile Personal Cloud Device on the Market

January 09, 2018 By BlueAlly

Automatic surveillance recording and public cloud service syncing will be added to the already advanced Apollo Cloud 2 Duo. Demos will be available at CES 2018 - LVCC, South Hall 1 – 21545 and ShowStoppers

MILPITAS, California – January 9, 2018 – Promise Technology, a leader in data storage, announces today additional advancements to its Apollo Cloud 2 Duo. The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is a simple-to-use device that allows users to safely store, access, and share documents, photos, videos, and music with their own personal network of family, friends, and business contacts from anywhere in the world via the internet.

The 8TB and new 4TB Apollo Cloud 2 Duo, which already features quick camera roll backup, location based and facial recognition photo album syncing, Time Machine® support, mirroring, Selective Sync and iOS 11 compatibility with the Files App and Drag & Drop feature, will now add IP camera integration and cloud service syncing.

“When we launched Apollo Cloud 2 Duo a couple of months ago, we knew we would continue to add thoughtful features once our customers got their hands on it,” said Justin Cleveland, Promise Technology’s Director of Biz Dev – IoT. “Our customers have been asking for these two new features and we always aim to provide our customers the solutions they’re looking for.”

Camera Integration

Whether you’re at work or on vacation, monitoring your home inside and out brings great peace of mind. Wi-Fi security cameras are becoming increasingly popular, however recording and saving sensitive footage of your loved ones can be costly and not very secure. Apollo Cloud offers consumers a more cost-effective solution since there are no monthly subscription fees and information is kept safe and off public cloud networks.

With this new update, Apollo Cloud 2 Duo will now support IP cameras from multiple brands for non-stop video recording and live stream viewing. The new feature will enable users to control cameras remotely and watch live footage via the Apollo Cloud App from anywhere in the world.

Public Cloud Syncing

It’s vital for those that are always on the go and use public cloud storage solutions to back up important files the same way they backup their local files. The Apollo Cloud 2 Duo will now allow users to automatically sync their cloud data from Google Cloud and Dropbox. Now, users can always have a local copy of their files, know their files are safe, and share those files directly using the Apollo Cloud App.


The 8TB Apollo Cloud 2 Duo is available now, The new 4TB version is available.

Both are compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows. Latest updates will be available for users starting by the end of January 2018.